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Original Solid Silicone baby. LE 15,
cast and poured by Michelle Fagan

~ "Eden" ~

Name: Eden

DOB: June 26th, 2008

Weight: 4 pounds 10 ounces

Length: 18 inches


Baby Eden is a newborn size. There are only 15 in her edition and after that there will be no other baby ever like her in the world. Her edition includes: 1 artsits' proof, 4 blank kits and 10 finished babies.

Eden has been carefully created using only the finest materials. She has been delicately painted with special silicone paints with layers and layers of color to give her that newborn skin appearance, with little blemishes and strawberry marks, each wrinkle and crease is highlighted and her little fingers and toes have a special baby manicure. Her body is cloth, weighted with poly pellets and glass beads jointed at the arms and legs. She has 3/4 length arms and legs so she is able to wear a variety of outfits. Her beautiful hair has been micro rooted with the most beautiful dark blonde mohair – I root with german needles, literally, 2 strands at a time, which takes hours, but the result is incredibly real!

I have spent many hours trying to create a perfect, most realistic little newborn, I hope you love her as much as I loved creating her for you.

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You can be assured that your baby is made with love, using ONLY professional grade, quality materials, the silicone is cast and poured by professionals. Each baby will be hand painted by me, and packaged with care for her journey to her new mommy. I am extremely particular about my babies and how they are created and that they will always stand the test of time! I stand 100% behind my work, my customers are never disappointed.

Adopt Eden and she will come home to you with:

• her extra newborn size diaper

• a white onesie

• a beautiful Beau & Belle or Boutique ensemble

• certificate of authenticity





Price: $1,125. Free shipping

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Baby Eden will also be offered as a blank silicone kit.

Kit price is $650.
Free shipping
(this is a blank kit only to reborn, eyes and body are not included)



• Original sculpt by Kimberly Lasher

Cast and poured in Solid Silicone
by the wonderfully talented, Michelle Fagan

Beautifully micro-rooted by myself
with premium mohair: your choice of color

Jointed doe suede body, weighted with poly pellets
and glass beads

3/4 length sculpted limbs for variety of outfits

Comes in a Similar Beau & Belle or Boutique ensemble

I offer up to a 12 month layaway, paying in equal monthly installments. Upon your final payment to include shipping, your baby will be immediately sent to you! No refunds on layaways-all money is forfeited if you cannot complete your layaway. I reserve the right to resell if you miss a payment. Thank you.


Formally trained as an illustrator and graphic designer, my career path changed when I pursued my love of doll and fairy sculpting.

In 1990 an artist representative in Chicago saw some of my dolls and took me, along with several other of his artists, to Toy Fair in New York City. My dolls, victorian and turn of the century girls and faeries, sold out in 30 minutes and I had orders to keep me busy for the next year!

I have been featured in Contemporary Doll Magazine and have won awards over the years for my doll making. My dolls and fairies are collected by well-known Hollywood celebrities and have been shown in many galleries and stores throughout the country and in Paris.

Visit my web site for more information and the doll gallery of past works.

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© Copyright 2008. Kimberly Lasher Dolls.


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