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Gallery of Dolls
These are my full scale, one of a kind dolls. Most are about 17"-20", with beautiful mohair and human hair wigs, glass eyes and the finest fabrics and antique laces. The babies bodies are weighted, doe suede--all come
in special boutique or hand crafted outfits.

(Click on image for larger view)

"Pouty 2" 17 inches tall. Standing blonde toddler holding her bear.

"Anne Marie, I Believe In Faries". 14 inches seated on satin bench, holding fairy doll and book.


"Alice in
Wonderland" She's

17" seated on a wooden chair with
her white rabbit.



"Baby Carolyn". Full
size newborn baby. 19"

"Baby Bella". Tiny little newborn.
Just 12".


"Baby Erin". Lifesize newborn 19".


"Molly" 20 inch full
size newborn.


"Abigail" 15 inch
preemie girl.
"Carli". Tiny little newborn. Just 12".
"Jessie" 18 inch
seated girl.
"Anna" 18 inch
seated girl.


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